Adobe's Flash tools now embrace HTML 5. Sadly Flash is still alive

Appeal to Facebook from media tools conglomerate

Adobe’s long road to open standards has been freshly re-paved with an HTML5-friendly suite of tools.

The firm recently announced Animate CC as its “premier” web animation tool for developing HTML5.

In its previous incarnation, Animate CC had been called Flash Professional CC – being built for the firm’s once flagship, and proprietary, media player.

Animate CC will continue to support creation for content for Flash, Adobe said.

Adobe will deliver Animate CC in early 2016 with plans for an HTML5 video player for desktop browsers the firm said would "complement" support for HTML5 on mobile.

Adobe is also doing its best to ensure the continued use of Flash on the new web. Flash dominated on PCs as a medium for serving media and ads.

In a statement, Adobe said: “We are announcing that we are working together with Facebook to help ensure Flash gaming content on Facebook continues to run reliably and securely. As part of this cooperation, Facebook will report security information that helps Adobe improve the Flash Player.”

The HTML5 standard was, of course, one thing that helped kill Flash for Adobe.

The other was Steve Jobs who, armed with HMTL5, got in the way of Flash on either the iPhone or iPad.

Adobe responded by killing development of its mobile Flash plugin and Flash in the browser. ®

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