Hacker reveals lifestyles of the rich and famous in UAE bank pop

'Buba' drops transactions, dox, after bank slaps away $3M ransom demand.

A hacker who appears to have cut and run has reportedly dumped bank information relating to thousands of a cashed-up United Arab Emirates bank customers.

The hacker using the handle "Hacker Buba" claimed to local media to have popped Invest Bank before demanding US$3 million in ransom in order to withhold releasing the files.

Using a collection of Twitter handles the hacker dropped alleged details on tens of thousands of bank customers including personal information, full credit card data, and transaction histories throughout November.

The Twitter accounts are closed and the hacker appears to have gone quiet while the undoubted wrath of the bank's forensics response gains steam.

Media reports suggest that some compromised accounts contained up to US$12 million and pooled together amounted to more than US$110 million.

The hacker is reported to have contacted affected customers warned them that he was in control of their accounts.

Some of the files were hosted on the server of a hacked European basketball website

Invest Bank said it has not and will not pay the ransom, calling the hacker a 'blackmailer'.

The hacker reportedly offered the editor of Dubai-based Xpress a five percent cut in profits if he assisted.

Local businesses expressed shock and outrage at the hack, dubbed by Xpress as the worst in UAE history, with some claiming they were first informed of their exposure through media and in the hacker's extortion notes. ®

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