IBM hands QRadar APIs for developers and resellers to set up shop

Big Blue's latest move to out-develop hackers

As part of an ongoing shift to more-open security systems, IBM will be making the APIs for its QRadar security platform available in a bid to out-innovate the online criminals.

"We're up against more and more organized threats," Kevin Skapinetz, director of IBM Security, told The Register.

"The industry has a massive talent shortage and we're looking at under-resourced security teams trying to fight a collaborative group of attackers. To combat that you want a more open and collaborative approach to security."

Along with the release of the APIs and software development kits that allow integration with QRadar, IBM is setting up a security marketplace for any developer to add security apps that are compatible with the platform. IBM has already taken delivery of the first apps from security firms like Resilient and Exabeam, and added its own in as well.

The move follows Big Blue's decision to open up its 700TB threat database for third parties to access and add to. The company said it's making an ongoing commitment to opening its security systems in an effort to get others to do the same.

As with access to the database, any apps submitted to the QRadar site will have to be carefully checked by IBM, but are the property of the creator. The firm also wants resellers with ideas to try out the system and see what can be added and licensed directly to buyers. ®

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