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Red Hat clicks with server foe Microsoft on CloudForms

Azure management move

One-time server foes Microsoft and Red Hat have come a step closer on the emerging platform of cloud.

Red Hat has added support for Microsoft’s Azure cloud to the latest release of its CloudForms hybrid cloud management system.

With Azure support Microsoft shops can now manage Azure workloads and resources from within CloudForms.

Also added in CloudForms 4 is container support.

It’ll be support for Microsoft’s cloud, however, that’ll prove the most eye-catching and, arguably, of most long-lasting interest given the scale of Microsoft deployments out there.

Red Hat’s infrastructure-as-a-service CloudForms had already let you manage a mix of architectures for private and public cloud.

These included Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMware’s vRealize, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, OpenStack and Amazon’s AWS.

Red Hat and Microsoft come to the cloud having 10 years ago been at loggerheads in the on-prem world over servers.

Red Hat’s Linux was eating into server rooms killing Unix and threatening Windows at such a rate, Microsoft tried to squash it simply through aggressive marketing.

But Red Hat proved unstoppable and - rather than lose Windows sales to Red Hat's Linux - Microsoft's then chief executive Steve Ballmer swallowed his pride and brought Red Hat into Microsoft's virtualization and management software fold. ®

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