Ansible offers starring roles for all in reworked Galaxy

In an automation hub far, far away

Ansible has unveiled an update of its Galaxy App store, kicking off a beta release of the hub for pre-packaged automation modules for its configuration platform.

Galaxy 2.0 will feature tighter integration with GitHub, allowing users to import all their repositories, while allowing roles – those prepackaged modules – to be namespaced by GitHub users. To avoid confusion, Ansible said existing roles would remain associated with Galaxy user names.

Ansible will also use the GitHub API to allow users to view their repositories and detect which ones include Ansible roles, which can then be imported. Similarly, Ansible will defer to GitHub’s rating system.

Galaxy has also promised tighter integration with Travis CI. Users can add their Travis token to roles they want to integrate with the continuous integration service.

Finally, Ansible claims to have improved the CLI for Galaxy, with the addition of import, delete, setup, and log-in commands.

The update caps a busy couple of months for Ansible. It was hoovered up by open source giant Red Hat back in October, swiftly following that with a new version of its automation platform, Tower.

You can peruse the new Galaxy here. ®

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