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Red Hat launches dedicated enterprise cloud platform

Leave your coders to coding for $50k a year

Red Hat has launched a dedicated cloud platform for companies that want their developers to focus on coding.

For $48,000 a year, the Linux distro provides a high-availability cluster with five nodes, four application nodes, 48TB of bandwidth, premium support, and 100GB of data. You can buy additional nodes for $12,000 a piece and an extra 500GB for $3,000. Red Hat runs support for the whole setup.

The "OpenShift Dedicated" service is the third option in the company's OpenShift services. Enterprise lets you host the system on your own systems, and Online will run on a shared cloud platform (Amazon Web Services (AWS)).

The service includes the Docker container and Kubernetes orchestration technologies included in OpenShift Enterprise 3.1. And customers can use its JBoss Middleware services.

Red Hat is keen to grab more of the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market that is currently dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce. The service is increasingly popular with companies that want the ability to develop and test applications without having to deal with all the related sysadmin tasks. Red Hat hopes that by building on its reputation for good support, it can pull people away from its competitors or encourage more teams to ditch their existing (often internal) systems.

The Dedicated service provides configurable admin and security settings, is accessible through a VPN, and runs Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) functions.

Although the service supports Docker, Kubernetes, Fedora, and JBoss, a recent IDC MarketScape report noted that the service could do with supporting a broader range of public cloud infrastructures and increasing the number of vendors in OpenShift Origin.

OpenShift Dedicated is globally available from today. Announcing the service, Red Hat included a few testimonials from customers given early access to the system.

Dean Peterson, solutions architect at the State of Minnesota, said: "We were able to quickly receive access to our cluster and not worry about building our own platform. Red Hat provided a excellent hosting experience and proactive support, enabling us to focus on building our applications." ®


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