Mozilla looses Firefox 43, including Windows 64-bit variant

Bugs bashed, trackers torpedoed, fragging made more fantastic

Mozilla has released version 43 of its Firefox web browser, introducing a 64-bit version for Windows and crushing four critical and seven serious vulnerabilities.

The browser should now enjoy the security and performance boosts of 64-bit systems with fatter heap sizes to help fire up things like browser games and better address space layout randomisation defence.

Fresh tracking protection will make privacy wonks happy and marketing teams sad with the ability of users to deny sites the ability to snoop through content.

The release makes good on a year-long promise to bring 64-bit Firefox to Windows, dragging the variant out of the developer stream and into stable status.

Fifteen specific developer-relevant changes were implemented.

The security bugs were reported from a mix of independent and in-house researchers.

The privilege escalation critical hole allowed attackers to pull off cross-site scripting attacks and steal cookies on systems with particular extensions installed.

Other critical flaws likely allowed for the execution of arbitrary code and exploitable crashes. ®

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