Drivers? Where we’re going, we don’t need drivers…

TRL's Nick Reed shows why (almost) everyone wants driverless cars

Reg Lectures Whether or not you’re currently filled with horror at the prospect of driving home for Christmas, again, you have to admit the internal combustion engine has been one of the key shapers of our current culture.

So, what happens once the open road is something that is navigated by silicon, not us? Those were the sort of topics we covered when Nick Reed, Academy Director at the Transport Research Laboratory, gave our second 2015 Register Winter Lecture.

Over 45 minutes, we travelled from ethics, to robotics, to the various levels of vehicle autonomy, and waved at the increasingly redundant ghost in the machine, namely us.

In short, it’s an excellent starting point to consider the biggest revolution in transport since the Model T, and you can relive it all with our video of Nick's talk.

Youtube Video

Sadly, you won’t get the hour’s worth of Q&A that followed, or the high level chat that always breaks out when you squeeze a few dozen highly intelligent Reg readers into a room with a bar.

For that, you need to turn up in the flesh at our next series of lectures.

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