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Secret shaggers, rejoice! Now you can blame that Hyatt credit card bill on hackers

Hotel chain says malware infected its payment processing systems

Hyatt Hotels Corporation says it “recently identified malware on computers that operate the payment processing systems for Hyatt-managed locations.”

The hotelier says “As soon as we discovered the activity, we launched an investigation and engaged leading third-party cyber security experts.”

The chain's asking customers to keep an eye on their credit card bills, on the off-chance that the folks responsible for the malware injection have gone on a room-booking spree.

And that's about all the chain is saying, but it has erected a site called ”Protecting our customers” on which it pledges to keep customers updated on the situation.

All of which provides cover for those among you who may have checked into a hotel for reasons you'd rather not explain to loved ones. Which, in a post-Ashley-Madison world might be rather less often than in the past. Or rather more. We just wouldn't know. ®


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