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You ain't nothing but a porn dog, prying all the time: Cyber-hound sniffs out hard drives for cops

You're fired, K-9

Texas cops have hired a four-legged super-sleuth to sniff out hidden hard drives.

Montgomery County Crimestoppers paid $17,000 for a chocolate labrador called Brody, who is apparently one of only two dogs in America trained to seek out computer storage devices. The cyber-canine has learned to pick up the smell of a common adhesive used in hard drives. The police wants to call him a "porn dog."

"It's innovative, it's unique, it's cutting edge," Crimestoppers spokesperson Jon Dumas told KHOU this week. "It's extremely catching and fitting, because that's what it's there to do – sniff out child pornographers."

The country's other hard drive-sniffing dog scored a high profile success earlier in the year when it was used in the conviction of former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle. Police searched Fogle's home for evidence against the 38-year-old, but came up empty handed. So the cops called in man's best friend, who sniffed out drives containing child sex abuse imagery.

"(Investigators) went in and collected things and didn't find what they were looking for, and that's when they called in this canine dog to come in and assist and on the second round he found the devices that they were looking for," said Tyler Dunman, Chief Prosecutor for the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

"Porn dog sniffed it out, it worked perfectly, and that's what we're hoping to bring to Montgomery County and the Houston Metro area." ®

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