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Would sir care to see the post-pub nosh menu?

One year of wobbly dining neckfiller delights

We trust that readers have recovered from the annual Yule Orgy of Excess, where faces are stuffed with mince pies and turkey, all washed down with prodigious quantities of booze.

Of course, you won't be done giving your liver a righteous kicking just yet, and with a hard-drinking New Year's Eve in prospect, it seems like an appropriate moment to have a look back at our popular post-pub nosh neckfillers — those dishes which have, over the last 12 months or so, served to mitigate the effects of a serious night on the sauce.

Our culinary challenges encompassed a broad selection of international delights for gourmets' wobbly dining pleasure, and those of you who didn't give at least one of our dishes a blast in 2015 might like to select something for a hearty 1 January 2016 breakfast repast.

Here's the picture menu for your viewing pleasure, and it just remains to wish you bon appetit and a Happy New Year...

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For a few eye-watering alternatives, check out Sean Haines's Red Dwarf chilli chutney egg sarnie, Paul Shackleton's 1.5 million Scoville masala omelette, and Sir Sham Cad's superscharf version of the Currywurst. ®

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