Got a pricey gaming desktop from PC World for Xmas? Check the graphics specs

With great hardware comes great power... or not

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Dixons Carphone retailers Currys and PC World are flogging a high-end ready-made gaming desktop complete with Nvidia's flagship Geforce GTX 980 Ti processor. Unfortunately, the listed power supply unit on the HP ENVY Phoenix won't do the job for that card.

According to the specs listed on the Currys and PC World websites, as well as HP's own listings, the machine ships with a 500W PSU.

However, this is less than the minimum 600W requirement for the beefy 980 Ti.

A reader tipped off The Register about the issue, pointing out that Nvidia's power listings are a requirement, not a recommendation. He added: "Graphics nerds seem to think running hardware below its minimum required power is a recipe for trouble."

The Register contacted Currys' PR and HP Inc for a statement. We'll update the story if we hear more. ®


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