Furious Easyspace customers moan about 'random' site outages

Problems present since Christmas, operator only coughs today

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Websites hosted by Easyspace have been dropping since Christmas with no explanation given to customers, whose complaints were only confirmed by the company this morning.

Easyspace's customers are complaining of hosting problems and of poor customer service in response to their complaints, leading some to opt to switch their hosting providers.

One Reg reader informed us that his WordPress site, which used the "Jetpack" plug-in to notify him of any downtime, had been hosted so inconsistently that he had received 67 emails from Jetpack since Christmas Day informing him of its wobbly status.

Our reader had received 30 emails in the last day, for which the downtime ranged from three to 14 minutes in length. He told us that: "Easyspace hosting seems to have been suffering with random patches of downtime since Boxing day. Today the situation seems to have taken a turn for the worse."

The mystery problems at Easyspace may be borking emails too, according to another source, who told The Register that messages to a client were bouncing with an error suggesting that "the domain names no longer existed." The company's sluggish response provoked our source to move his client's domain to another provider.

"I still am not at the bottom of what caused the outage, but since moving to the new provider we are all good," he told us.

Other customers took to Twitter, inevitably.

Easyspace's status page finally copped to "connectivity issues" affecting its hosting platform just before noon on Tuesday. The statement on the page added, "We are investigating and hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused."

An Easyspace spokesperson told us: “We are aware that some of our shared hosting customers have been experiencing intermittent issues over the past few days. We are working on the problem and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.” ®


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