Cops stuff Mumbai thief with 48 bananas

Cunning plan to retrieve swallowed gold chain

Mumbai cops have chalked up another success for their preferred method of retrieving swallowed stolen goods: obliging the thief to eat bananas until the booty is expelled.

According to the Hindustan Times, one Gopi R Ghaware was cuffed last Wednesday after snatching a 25g gold chain from a woman in a fish market in the east of city.

The 25-year-old required medical treatment after locals gave chase, apprehended the perp and "hammered" him, as the paper nicely describes it. A police patrol intervened and whisked Ghaware to hospital, where two X-rays showed he'd scoffed the chain.

On Thursday, cops brought in a basket of bananas and "forced Ghaware to eat them till the wee hours".

The explicit account continues: "Early on Friday, he was escorted to the loo by four policemen, who also filmed the morning ablution as the chain finally slithered out of Ghaware's system."

Ghaware was then made to wash the chain before being dragged before a magistrate and remanded into custody.

The Hindustan Times says the banana laxative method was also used last April to recover a gold chain lodged in the digestive tract of another mugger, who was treated to "five dozen bananas and liquids".*

In July, it required "two dozen bananas, laxatives and several litres of milk" to persuade a thief's guts to give up a traditional Hindu "mangalsutra" marriage necklace. ®


*Once the jewellery emerged into the light, "the disgusted victim refused to touch the chain, took it to a jeweller in a plastic bag and got a new chain for herself". Her reaction reminds us of the shocking case of the stolen mobile phone extracted from a Jamaican woman's vagina.

The owner insisted she'd have the mobe "properly sanitized before using it again". However, one local chap observed: "Mi nuh wan' dat deh phone fi use again, mi would dash it weh."

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