Not good enough, VW: California nixes toxic mix fix in strict interdict

Three out of ten, must try harder to end its air pollution emissions test nightmare

Volkswagen has suffered yet another setback, with California rejecting its proposed fix (a catalytic converter retrofit) and the US Environmental Protection Agency chiming in to agree.

It's not yet game-over, though: California's Air Resources Board (CARB) rejected the proposal as "incomplete" rather than inadequate, and wants more information.

In this statement, CARB says it's issued a notice of violation to VW. While the decision doesn't preclude a recall in future, CARB says:

  • "The proposed plans contain gaps and lack sufficient detail.
  • "The descriptions of proposed repairs lack enough information for a technical evaluation."
  • "The proposals do not adequately address overall impacts on vehicle performance, emissions and safety."

CARB's decision only applies to the fix offered for 2-litre engines, noting that the auto-maker has until February 2 to present its mitigation plan for 3-litre engines.

According to Bloomberg, VW will put a revised plan to the EPA on January 14.

CARB's statement adds that its decision allows "for a broader array of potential remedies," including mitigation for "past and future environmental harm" and possible penalties. ®

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