Cybercops cuff two in hunt for DDoS extortion masterminds

Zombie master suspects tracked to Bosnia

An international police investigation against the DD4BC DDoS extortion gang has led to one suspect being arrested and one detained, Europol said on Tuesday.

Suspected key members of the organised network were identified in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the UK Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit before the intelligence was passed over to local police.

Operation Pleiades resulted in the arrest of a main target and one more suspect detained. Multiple property searches were carried out and an extensive amount of evidence was seized.

The suspects are as yet unnamed.

Police authorities from Australia, France, Japan, Romania, the USA, Switzerland and INTERPOL supported the investigation.

DD4BC has been active over the last 18 months, launching distributing denial-of-service attacks against businesses in an attempt to blackmail them in paying BitCoins in return for an end of the packet flood.

Another DDoS extortion group – the Armada Collective – has been actively running much the same scam over recent months. ®

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