Nimbus Data settles lawsuit, moves to LA, promises new products

A lot has changed in flash over the past 18 months

All-flash array supplier Nimbus Data, which has been quite quiet for around 18 months, has settled a lawsuit and has new products coming, as well as a refreshed website and a new office.

The outstanding Maximus customer complaint issue with Nimbus Data has been settled by agreement of both parties, with the US court in the Eastern District of California so informed by a document filing on 8 January (case number 2:14-cv-00841.)

The parties anticipate a case dismissal to be filed within a fortnight.

The product developments, CEO Thomas Isakovich claimed, will be significant. "Game-changers" was the phrase he used. He said Nimbus had earned a number of patents for its hardware and software, which will be a new departure.

Nimbus Data now has an office in Aliso Viejo, south of Los Angeles, the firm being located in south San Francisco previously.

Over the past 18-24 months the all-flash array market has substantially changed. Whiptail went into Cisco and was destroyed; Solidfire is being bought by NetApp; Skyera collapsed into HGST; IBM bought TMS; EMC bought XtremIO; and SanDisk bought Fusion-io. Now WDC is buying SanDisk.

On top of that, hyper-converged infrastructure products have arrived, media-wise PCIe has had NVMe added to it, and 3D NAND has arrived. How will Nimbus react to these developments? Carpe flash diem is coming from Aliso Viejo. ®

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