JetBlue blames Verizon after data center outage cripples flights

Travelers stranded, planes grounded amidst network chaos

US discount airline JetBlue is warning of delays and cancellations to flights after a number of its systems were knocked offline Thursday.

The airline blamed the logistics nightmare on a Verizon data center outage, claiming the disruption had cut service to its website and online check-in and booking systems, as well as the gate systems for airports across the US.

According to JetBlue, the outage occurred around 11:30AM Eastern time and power to the data center was restored at approximately 2:30PM EST.

The result was delays, cancellations and massive crowds at JetBlue gates around the US, with passengers less than thrilled about the entire ordeal.

Verizon acknowledged the outage, taking blame for the issue. "On Thursday morning at 11:37 am ET, a Verizon data center experienced a power outage that impacted JetBlue's operations. JetBlue's systems are now being restored," Verizon said in a statement.

"Our engineering team has been working to restore service quickly, and power has been restored to the data center." ®

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