MapR offers free test drive to AWS wannabes

Very much like having ‘enough server time to explore solutions’

NoSQL startup MapR is offering a free taster of its partners' technology through AWS's Test Drive, to be launched from MapR's site.

The AWS Test Drives are sandboxed environments that contain preconfigured server-based "solutions", as vendors like to say. They are provided free of charge – supposedly "for education, demonstration, and evaluation purposes" – but will inevitably be used to snag new customers.

Each test is intended to offer "enough free AWS server time to launch and explore these live solution stacks".

Matt Lescohier, MapR senior director of business development, reckoned the offerings would showcase "the performance, reliability, and scale" of the company's integrated offerings.

Among the taster offerings are Dataguise's DgSecure, offering sensitive data detection, masking, and encryption, and Apache Drill and Spotfire for those needing to dig through complex, schema-less datasets.

HPE Vertica will be featured too, with the test drive allowing users to create "a functional three-node cluster and install Vertica’s SQL analytics database co-located within the MapR Hadoop environment". Oh good. ®

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