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Hot Swedish nurses in charity calendar rumpus

Paediatric hospital unimpressed with fundraising strip-off

Staff at Stockholm's Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital have landed themselves in hot water after stripping off at work for a charity 2016 calendar, The Local reports.

"It is clearly inappropriate and a sign of very poor judgment," lamented hospital big cheese Svante Norgren, after he was tipped off to the outrage by newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Whether the 100 copies of the calendar – sold to the participants' families and work colleagues – are inappropriate is a matter of debate.

What's clear, though, is that those of you who clicked on this story expecting busty blonde Nordic goddesses astride suggestive oxygen cylinders are going to leave disappointed.

A semi-naked man entangled in tubes in the calendar

Mercifully, Norgren told Dagens Nyheter he is going to have a word with the perpetrators to spare humanity similar images in the future. "It won't happen again," he promised. ®

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