Red Hat plants containers as Jboss EAP 7 bursts into beta

Look, there's Wildfly as well ...

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Red Hat has kicked open the beta program for its Jboss Enterprise Application Application Platform 7, and planted containers right at the heart.

The vendor has deployed a panoply of keywords around the launch of the beta program, which it says will mirror enterprises movement “towards new application approaches that include containers, microservices architectures, and cloud environments”.

At the same time it will bring “enterprise Java squarely into that new world and also provides a bridge to give customers what they need to build and deploy applications of the future and refresh traditional Java EE environment".

The latter comes through support for Java EE 7 and Java SE 8. The company is emphasising changes to maximise productivity and performance, including "batch tooling, which enables developers to more easily monitor, create, manage, and configure batch jobs".

In addition to the updated old, it has apparently been built with containers and “resources-conscious virtualised or cloud environments, such as Red Hat’s own OpenShift. This includes a low-memory footprint, faster startup and optimised network port utilisation. All of which should come in handy, should containerisation really become a thing.

EAP 7 also integrates the WildFly Application Server 10, which presages general availability of product in the coming months.

You can get the full rundown on new features, and potential glitches here. ®

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