Viglen staff mark CEO Tkachuk's passing with a royal tribute

The great unwashed wander with wonder at exec's private shower and loo

Now that Viglen boss Bordan Tkachuk has split, some of his underlings have marked his passing with some passings and markings of their own at the previously off-limits C-suite shower block.

Tkachuk cleared his desk before Christmas, two years after Viglen was acquired by XMA – itself owned by Westcoast Holdings – as his earn-out period came to an end.

The business kept schtum at the time, but according to a filing with Companies House today, Tkachuk resigned from his post on 31 December.

In the absence of a statue to throw shoes at, the great unwashed or sub-Bordan-ites penetrated the exec’s inner sanctum for the first time.

“Nobody was allowed to use it [the toilet and shower] but quite a few have since Bordan left,” one worker said.

Some staffers just took a peek at the royal throne, some took a leak and others felt more moved to celebrate his reign in an altogether fuller way.

Rather disappointingly, staff reported that they found only a normal shower and toilet, minus gold fittings or even extra special quilted roll that makes for happy executive bots.

Dear readers, have you got any tales of marking the passing of a boss in a unique way? Please tell us. Regards, El Reg. ®

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