Florida cuffee surprised by pills in vagina

No idea how they got there, prisoner insists

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A Florida woman being processed into county jail expressed surprise when a prison officer discovered a plastic bag of pills in her vagina.

Dusty Rae Ingram, 38, was being booked into Okaloosa County Jail on 5 January, when a strip search uncovered the meds, according to this local report.

The perp told the officer that while she had a prescription for the pills, she was short of an explanation as to how they migrated from their usual location in her purse to her lady parts.

It's not clear why Ingram was initially arrested, but she certainly now faces a charge of "introducing contraband into a detention facility". The pills in question were apparently Percocet and Zanaflex.

Percocet is a painkiller, while Zanaflex is a muscle relaxer. Evidently, neither have the side effect of preventing serious absent-mindedness. ®


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