Atherton quits Exertis after ten months

But like a Brummie Arnie Schwarzenegger warns, 'I'll be back... in the channel'

Distie veteran Jon Atherton has quit Exertis after ten months in situ with sources close to the company telling us he wants to return to a less corporate role that includes running a team.

Atherton became commercial development director at the Basingstoke-HQ’d distributor in June last year - after spending 22 years at privately-owned EntaTech. He had a brief to bring on board new business.

He told us, “I can confirm I will be leaving Exertis at the end of January”. As is customary, Atherton talked about how great working for the company had been and the new pals he’d made.

“The specific projects I worked on have been completed and I’ve decided to look for a new role that utilises my skill sets and experience. I’ll remain in the channel and I'll be back very soon,” he added.

During his time he recruited vendors including Kingston Technology and Gigabyte.

Sources told us that Atherton, who ran EntaTech, didn’t have a team reporting to him, the job was project-based in nature and he was away from his family - based in Shropshire - for three to four days a week.

Elsewhere in Exertis - one of the largest disties in the UK, owned by Irish-listed firm DCC - Mark Reynolds was this week named as IT commercial director in the UK. He replaces Dan Lennon, who is set to join Facebook-owned Oculus. Reynolds joined from Epson where he was sales director.

Updated Kingston Technology has contacted us to say it has not signed a contract with Exertis. Our information is that Exertis was going to take on certain products in the UK and France. Perhaps some contractual issues occured. ®

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