Google and Red Hat hook up for OpenShift container cuddles

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The Chocolate Factory and Red Hat have announced a partnership to run the Linux firm's OpenShift Dedicated container platform on the Google Cloud Platform in the next few months.

"We've made Google Compute Engine (GCE) a certified environment for Red Hat offerings, and have worked closely to unlock the power of containers through the Kubernetes project and the creation of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation," Google said in a blog post.

"We're now deepening this relationship to integrate OpenShift Dedicated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. In this initial phase, you'll have access to improved support for containers using Kubernetes and OpenShift, as well as access to powerful GCP services designed to help you make better use of data."

The Openshift Dedicated platform was launched by Red Hat last month, either as an enterprise-hosted platform or running on Amazon Web Services. Now Google is added to the mix, Red Hat will be looking for new customers and may drop the $48,000 price tag slightly to encourage this.

Google is already on good terms with the open source firm and has hosted Red Hat Enterprise Linux for over a year now, but this deal will see a much closer integration. It'll be useful for both parties; Red Hat gets a powerful new partner to spread the code and Google will get more access to the enterprise developer market it's courting.

The deal is also a good thing for Google's VP of cloud, Diane Greene. The VMware founder was recruited by Google after it bought her startup in November, and Greene is already running an aggressive price-cutting strategy and now adding industry partnerships to her portfolio. ®


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