HD Moore exiting Rapid7 for VC-land

Won't abandon Metasploit

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HD Moore, the security researcher and hacker whose accomplishments include the Metasploit Framework, the Critical.IO scanning project and a bunch of critical vulnerability discoveries as chief technology officer of Rapid7, has succumbed to the siren song of venture capital.

In this post at Rapid7, he's announced that he's leaving the company to join a VC firm that will focus on funding infosec startups.

"Since the only thing more insane than working at one startup is working with multiple startups at the same time, this seemed like a perfect match and a way to contribute back to the security community," Moore writes.

He promises, however, to continue to work on the Metasploit Framework and "stay active in the community" after he hands in his Rapid7 pass-card on Friday week.

Some of Moore's more notable discoveries that have come to The Register's attention include the Supermicro uPNP and IPMI bugs, an analysis in December 2015 of how the notorious Juniper Networks "unauthorised code" worked, and an analysis of how gas (for Australians, "petrol") stations could be hacked.

That's just a small slice of the whole.

Given the amount of entertainment Moore's provided over the years, The Register certainly hopes the rest of the Rapid7 team are ready to fill his shoes. ®


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