HP Inc's channel mechanics give sales programmes an MOT

Platinum badge up for grabs, direct accounts rejigged, quoting tool on way

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HP Inc has lifted the bonnet of its channel sales programme and loosened a few screws that governed the volume of resellers that could qualify for the top tier certification.

Partner First sales launched in November - at the same time the old HP broke up - with three tracks (Volume, Value and Alliance) under which HP said it will not only recognise the biggest sellers.

As it still stands today, Platinum accredited resellers solution providers, channel customers need to hit a certain revenue threshold and technical metrics across PCs, print and supplies.

This changes from the start of November when independent HP sellers can specialise in one of the three areas to get the Platinum badge and then they can drill down into a number of specific verticals or tech expertise areas including mobility or graphic design.

Neil Sawyer, channel boss at HP told us:

“We are being more open-minded about the clarification of certifications that can be attained and are mindful that not all partner sell across the entire portfolio.”

This will go down well with some of the smaller specialists but might not be well received by the larger channel partners who may well feel the value of their accreditation become diluted.

HP Inc is also transferring 300 customer accounts, previously sold by to its direct sales reps, as channel accounts. The total number of customers HP will sell to globally has fallen to 500, Sawyer said.

Prior to the arrival of HP’s former CEO Meg Whitman - she is now chairman of HP Inc - the company had alienated vast swathes of partners with unclear tactics around its routes to market. Channel partners accounted for 70 per cent of total sales. Whitman realised the problem and moved to solve it with more than words.

Sawyer said HP Inc is also about to release an Integrated Quoting tool that aims to give channel sellers the “right” special bid price to win inside 30 minutes in 70 per cent of instances. He didn’t reveal stats for the current turnaround time.

These changes are designed to convince more resellers work with HP Inc to get its numbers up in a sluggish PC and print sales environment. ®


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