DevOps darling GitLab has hit those difficult 50s already

They grow up so fast these days

Repository manager GitLab has spat out version 50 of its platform, showing how the release numbers pile up fast these days.

The milestone comes with version 8.4, which it slipped out late on Friday and announced in a blogpost by vp of product, Job van der Voort.

Key new features include the inclusion of Elasticsearch, to cut down on the time spent flicking through all the stuff you have piling up in your repository.

In a similar vein, all artifacts can be browsed in the the Gitlab interface. Van der Voort wrote: “GitLab does not extract the entire compressed file when viewing and when downloading, it’ll only extract the requested file. This can save you a lot of storage space and makes it much easier to work with large files or large volumes of artifacts, as you don’t need to download everything to get a single file.”

Other additions to the browser include builds, built triggers and build variables. The new build also includes a fuzzy file finder that can be accessed with a keystroke.

Oh, and crucially, you can now search all available emoji.

GitLab is not the only repository manager out there, so it’s no surprise it claims to have improved its GitHub importer to smooth the process, adding pull requests and wiki pages. However, if you want to import labels, milestones and cross-repository pull requests, you will have to wait until a future version.

“Other” changes include the ability to enforce 2FA on all users, and the ability to sign in using your Azure account.

Full details here. ®

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