Islamic fundamentalists force Yorkshire IT shop to chop off brand

Jihadi-nough room for one ISIS in hazardous environments

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Yorkshire-based Isis-EX has rebranded to avoid any confusion between its business (making IT kit for hazardous environments) and other organisations intent on making the entire world a hazardous environment.

The Scarborough-based company, which has rebadged as Smart-Ex, told local rag The Scarborough News that associations with the bloodthirsty jihadis intent in building a caliphate in Iraq and Syria ahead of an expected apocalypse were unwelcome.

“We don’t want our name to evoke unpleasant associations, as iSiS-Ex had begun to,” a company mouthpiece stated.

“That’s not nice for our customers and it isn’t nice for us”.

The law of unintended consequences might have had an upside in this case, customers were likely to be prompt payers.

This is not the first time a company that shared a name with the Islamic extremist group was forced to go through a make-over. In late 2014, ISIS Equity Partners rebranded to Livingbridge.

No-one wants to be associated with a bunch of rapacious fundamentalists hell-bent on world domination, after all. ®

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