Walmart takes its DevOps platform and piles it high on GitHub

Mega grocer throwing rotten tomatoes at Amazon?

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Walmart has delivered on low-price promise and taken a swipe at soon to be arch enemy – by serving its OneOps platform onto Github.

The massive grocer – which owns Asda in the UK – promised last year that it would open source the platform, which it is pitching as a way to avoid cloud vendor lock in. It duly announced yesterday that OneOps is available via GitHub on an Apache 2.0 licence.

Walmart CTO Jeremy King, in a blog posting, described OneOps as “a cloud management and application lifecycle management platform that developers can use to both develop and launch new products faster, and more easily maintain them throughout their entire lifecycle.

“OneOps enables developers to code their products in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment. This means they can test and switch between different cloud providers to take advantage of better pricing, technology and scalability – without being locked into one cloud provider,” he continued.

That last line is crucial. Who’s a major cloud provider? Amazon. Who dominates the market for books, music and other stuff you’d pile up into the trolly on a whim while doing the weekly grocery shop? Amazon. And who is rapidly encroaching on the mainstream grocery market? Why….

Or as King puts it, “Walmart is a cloud user, not a cloud provider. It makes sense for Walmart to release OneOps as an open source project so that the community can improve or build ways for it to adapt to existing technology.”

So, if being a good open source citizen also means loosening Amazon’s grip on its AWS customers, even as it piles cash into the infrastructure while making minimal margins on its other businesses, well, every little bit helps, to appropriate a well-known phrase.

As it is, King says that OneOps can deploy apps on “Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, CenturyLink Cloud and any cloud with an OpenStack endpoint.” It supports Node.js, ElasticSearch “and many others” with further extensions to come.

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