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GitHub falls offline, devs worldwide declare today a snow day

Taste the painbow

Updated Popular and widely used source-code hosting service GitHub is, for the moment, no longer a widely used source-code hosting service. It has fallen offline.

Since 1632 PT (0032 UTC, 1132 AEDT), the website has been down. Right now, the San Francisco-headquartered upstart reports: "We're investigating a significant network disruption affecting all services."

The billion-dollar unicorn's app servers are all unavailable. That pretty much locks out a big wedge of open-source project developers from their Git-controlled source code as well as organizations relying on the 'Hub's private repository hosting.

Not much more to say at this point except post some jokes from Twitter. We'll update this story shortly with more news. ®

Updated to add at 1750 PT

"We're working to address a widespread issue affecting all services," the team assures us.

Updated to add at 1829 PT

It appears to be working again after two hours of downtime. "The site is recovering. We're continuing to monitor the situation," the Silicon Valley darling added.

git --banter origin

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