GitHub: We're sorry (again) about (another) outage

Sky blue, oceans wet, code sharer unstable

GitHub has issued a mea culpa for the latest outage that left users unable to access the code-sharing site.

The company said that a power outage was to blame for Thursday's downtime. The issue did not go unnoticed.

On Friday, the text repository issued an explanation for the downtime.

"A brief power disruption at our primary data center caused a cascading failure that impacted several services critical to's operation," wrote systems director Sam Lambert.

"While we worked to recover service, was unavailable for two hours and six minutes. Service was fully restored at 02:29am UTC."

This wouldn't be the first time GitHub has gone down to the dismay of developers. The site has been a favorite target for DDoS attacks and staff wer recently criticized by users for being slow to fix its own code. ®

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