Google peddles Linux based load balancer to open sourcers

Seesaw ups the ante

Google has developed an open source infrastructure software build using its Go language.

The ad-flinger has released the Seesaw load balancer for Linux, built to replace two existing systems.

Code has been released to GitHub here.

Google’s site reliability engineer, Joel Sing, blogged that Seesaw would increase the availability of service and reduce the management overhead.

“We are pleased to be able to make this platform available to the rest of the world and hope that other enterprises will be able to benefit,” Sing wrote.

Seesaw will handle traffic for unicast and anycast virtual IP addresses, perform load balancing with NAT and direct routing, and assess the health of the systems.

According to Sing, Google had employed two load-balancing systems, which had led to problems managing the overall infrastructure as well as issues of stability.

Sing said the requirement on Seesaw were that it was built using Google's Go language, offered a modular multi-process architecture and offered the ability to abort and terminate a process if it had entered an unknown state.

Google claims to have released more than 900 projects to open source, equating to 20 million lines of code.

Aside from Go, Google's better known open-source projects include WebM, the V8 JavaScript engine, and, of course, Android. ®

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