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UK IT pros love OpenStack. Who says so? SUSE says so

Vendor survey: High adoption rate

A SUSE survey landing on our desk reveals some 80 per cent of senior IT pros in the UK plan to move or have already move their private cloud to OpenStack. The finding is based on interviews with 110 respondents in the UK and 813 across the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the Nordics.

A snapshot of SUSE's findings for your delectation:

Universally adopted: 88 per cent of UK companies have already implemented at least one private cloud.

Trusted: 96 per cent of UK respondents said they would use cloud for business-critical workloads.

High degree of difficulty: Almost half of UK enterprises surveyed that tried to implement an OpenStack cloud have failed, and 57 percent report they have found the implementation experience difficult.

Wary of vendor lock-in: 91 per cent of UK respondents are wary of s vendor lock-in when choosing a private cloud.

Lack of key skills: 89 per cent of UK respondents say a skills shortage is making their company reluctant to pursue private cloud further.

Let’s acknowledge the usual caveats about vendor surveys: sample size, selection criteria, self-serving and so on. But 80 per cent adoption or intended adoption rate of OpenStack? If true, that sounds like a medium-term career opportunity.

Readers, what do you make of the SUSE survey? Is your organisation playing with or using OpenStack? Comments in the usual place. ®

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