Wanted! A browser to replace Xombrero

Can you help your fellow reader?

Readers' corner Not a mainstream request this one perhaps, but over at El Reg Forums, 1980s coder is seeking some advice. Guys, what do you reckon?

I'm looking for an alternative to the Xombrero web browser, now that it seems to be virtually unmaintained, and becoming increasingly out of date.

I liked it because it worked well without a mouse, was configurable and didn't have any weird and wacky, 'add-ons', 'plug-ins', binary components, etc.

I detest Firefox with a passion. Chromium seems to have too many unresolved privacy issues.

Of the other browsers that exist all seem to fall down on the basics, whilst trying to add as many silly features as possible.

For example Midori looks great. But there is no way to verify the source tarball. Oh, maybe a sha1 checksum from the same server. No PGP signature anywhere, and not even a mailing list - development all seems to be done via IRC. I'd like at least some reassurance that I'm getting the same code as everybody else.

Ideas? This way to the Xombrero replacement thread. ®

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