Networks First chairman Titmus to exit, dog pool biz awaits

Long-serving chairman to call it quits, in IT that is...

Networks First chairman Peter Titmus is to exit the IT industry once he completes the handover of the business he founded 26 years ago to the new owners - but the old dog has some bite in him yet.

The Redditch-based Cisco Gold partner was sold to Convergence Group, as revealed yesterday, which told us that Titmus may remain on board in an advisory capacity.

But Titmus said the time was right to leave, and that he has “fingers in a few pies outside” of tech, one being an interest in the world of GPS, one in Home Automation and one in dog hydrotherapy.

“I’ve been swimming all my dogs for years, they had problem with their joints and it was a way of building up their muscles in a way that is non-load bearing. My dogs loved it,” he told us.

Titmus said the dog hydrotherapy biz will be “more a hobby that hopefully pays its way”. The same seems to apply to his other couple of interests.

“I’m not investing huge amounts of money, it will be time and working with some contacts.”

On the deal with Convergence, Titmus claimed the management teams, particularly CEO Neal Harrison, has the “drive to take Networks First to where it deserves to be - he has a dynamic pair of hands rather than just a careful set”.

Modest to the last. All the best Peter and if you fancy asking a bunch of dogmatic hacks for a dip, you know the number. ®

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