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AdBlock Plus, websites draft peace deal so ads can bypass blockade

Eyeo, publishers said to be locked in talks on allowing more banners to appear in browsers

The developer of AdBlock Plus is in talks with website owners to seal a deal that would allow more adverts to bypass the ad-blocker and appear in people's browsers.

Eyeo, makers of the open-source utility, is drafting a pact with a group of publishers to settle the ongoing battle between ad-blockers and websites that rely on ads to pay their bills.

The talks, reportedly referred to by Eyeo as "Camp David", would set up an independent committee tasked with outlining and policing content that would be dubbed 'acceptable' ads for use with AdBlock Plus. This would, as a result, give publishers a clear road for getting their ads shown on sites when users run AdBlock Plus while also keeping misbehaving ad copy off sites.

Eyeo has previously been linked to efforts to create an independent group for its ads.

Currently, Eyeo maintains a whitelist of acceptable ads that the blocker allows. Users are also able to customize what ad content comes through. Those ads must meet certain criteria including clear labels and no animation. Publishers are also able to pay Eyeo to have their ads allowed by the blocking tool on their sites.

The talks are the latest turn in the ongoing battle between the developers of ad-blocking tools and site operators who rely on ad revenues in order to cover the costs of their otherwise free content.

While publishers have argued that the blockers cut off their revenue streams and could be illegal, proponents have noted that ad content can be intrusive, buggy and in some cases pose a security threat that ad networks have been unable to get under control. ®

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