DataGravity prez on layoffs: A little pruning doesn't hurt

Unless you're the one being pruned. Not that he'd know

Comment Fresh fruit blosssoms on new wood and a little pruning doesn't hurt. So said John Joseph, DataGravity's president and founder as he discussed the recent headcount reduction.

First of all, Joseph said of the downsizing: "I don't think it's a sign of a lack of success."

DataGravity entered the market with a revolutionary concept and product – its data-aware array. Once it had market experience it looked for the best market fit.

What the market turned out to be thinking was that it wanted a hybrid array with security features.

DataGravity is now investing in the security area. It hired Andrew Hay in January to be its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). He will help define what people in CISO positions in enterprises are looking for in a storage product.

Joseph said: "Every year startups prune the tree to make it stronger."

Fruit then blossoms on the new or exposed wood, and so a little pruning doesn't hurt – unless, of course, you are the prunee.

In which case you might devoutly wish John Joseph had been pruned so he could experience the fruit-blossoming-on-new-wood phenomenon much more personally. ®

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