What took you so long, Twitter? Micro blogging site takes on the trolls

U mad bro?

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Twitter is seeking to stamp out the anonymous bullies and trolls who blight the social media site. Today the company announced the Twitter Trust & Safety Council, comprising more than 40 organisations and outside experts.

In a statement today, Twitter’s policy boss Patricia Cartes said the council was a "new and foundational part of our strategy to ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter”.

New and foundational? Better late than never, we suppose, and perhaps the initiative shows that Twitter is growing up at last.

But how will the council encourage cybersaddos, racists and misogynists to be more empathetic - or at least behave themselves?

We wonder how it will prevent another #Gamergate Twitter storm or rape threats against female MPs.

Cartes' blog post is here. ®


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