Coho Data leaps aboard layoffs train: Another startup cuts jobs

Six firms and counting. Who'd be a storage engineer these days?

Coho Data, the storage startup with the clever storage array that can also compute, has joined the craze and laid off a load of unfortunate staff.

We understand Coho Data held a staff reduction exercise in the second half of last year, and this has been followed by a second one at the start of this year.

The storage startup joins fellow firms Actifio, Atlantis, Data Gravity, Panasas and Tegile in laying off staff recently.

A Coho Data spokesperson said: “We are constantly looking for ways to double down on areas where we can grow, which means we have reduced investment in other areas.”

To counterbalance this the company added: “To continue our growth, we have also made some strategic hires. We recently added Garry Olah, as vice president of business development, and Suchit Kaura, vice president of engineering, and we’re looking forward to building out a robust ecosystem with their support.”

Suchit Kaura was hired in July 2015.

El Reg wonders if the selling task for a storage array that does more than store data but less than a server is a hard one. Coho Data’s array can run some system storage applications, such as video transcoding, but it is not intended to run applications generally.

DataGravity’s array can run analytics routines on the data it contains, yet it is not, we understand, being positioned as a Big Data compute/storage node replacement. That company, too, has had to go through a layoff exercise.

Perhaps it is easier to sell external storage arrays as just that, and not as semi-server compute engines on top. ®

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