Microsoft quits giving us the silent treatment on Windows 10 updates

Tell us – are you happy with the new changelogs?

Poll Microsoft has agreed to let people know a little more about what they're downloading in their Windows 10 updates.

Just a little.

After effectively giving everyone the silent treatment on changes to its operating system, Microsoft has created a webpage that briefly lists stuff inside the software updates as they are released. It's not so much bowing to pressure from users as tossing a ball over a pier and hoping you'll all chase after it and then the whole fuss will just go away.

"After listening to feedback regarding the level of disclosure for Windows 10 updates, we decided to implement a new system for communicating updates to the operating system," a spokeswoman for Redmond told us earlier.

"Today we are rolling out the Windows 10 update history site, a hub for the release notes that will accompany each update and serve as a historical record of prior release notes."

The bullet-pointed tweaks range from the mysterious ("Fixed additional issues with the Windows UX, Windows 10 Mobile, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and taskbar") to the alarming ("Fixed issue with Microsoft Edge browser caching visited URLs while using InPrivate browsing").

Anyone upset with Microsoft's pushy attitude with forced Windows 10 upgrades and mysterious data slurping will assume any and all nefarious changes are omitted from the feature lists – or are disguised as innocent-looking tweaks.

For example, "improved installation time of updates," anyone?

So we're now back to the pithy changelogs of Windows 8, 7, Vista, and so on. There are, today, two updates detailed: KB3135173 and KB3135174. Microsoft says the lists cover "key changes" so we'll never know for sure what exactly has changed without breaking out the disassembler.

Can we ever trust Microsoft and its Windows changelogs? You tell us. ®

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