When it comes to spaffing your login creds, Android biz apps are the business

300% better at it than non-business apps

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Business apps for Android are three times more likely to leak login credentials than the average app, according to a new study by security firm NowSecure.

An analysis of more than 400,000 apps available from the Google Play store discovered that a quarter of all apps have at least one high risk security flaw, with 11 per cent leaking sensitive data over the network and 13 per cent displaying file system issues.

The researchers took a closer look at five popular app categories: business, finance, games, shopping, and social. NowSecure found that while Game apps are one-and-a-half times more likely to include a high risk vulnerability than the average app, business apps are three times more likely to do so.

"Leaky apps are the #1 security problem facing mobile users today,” said Andrew Hoog, chief exec and founder of NowSecure. “They transmit and/or store private user information and have vulnerabilities that result in the loss of private, sensitive user data.”

NowSecure tested 400,000 Android apps and collected data from more than 140 million mobile security data points to compile its results. More details on its methodology can be found here.

The mobile security firm is in the process of developing a mobile security visibility app for Android and iOS devices. The app, due out in a few weeks, will provide each users with a security score along with advice on techniques on how they can improve the health of their device. ®


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