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VMware hikes vSphere prices, shrinks licence options

Thousand-dollar increase for vCenter instances, but you get new goodies for the price

VMware's reduced the number of vSphere packages from six to three and increased prices for the survivors.

Today, VMware offers the following cuts of vSphere:

  • vSphere Standard
  • vSphere Enterprise Plus
  • vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus
  • vSphere Enterprise
  • vSphere with Operations Management Standard
  • vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise

The last three on the list will soon go away.

The company's also announced new pricing that, on our reading, will mean you pay more. vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus will soon cost $4,395 per CPU, up from the $4,245 we found on VMware's pricing page at the time of writing. vCenter Server Standard will soon cost $5,995 per instance, up from the $4,995 Virtzilla charges today.

Don't grab your pitchfork about that thousand-dollar price rise just yet, because VMware's added vRealize Log Insight for to vCenter Server Standard. So you'll pay more, but you'll also get 25 Operating System Instances (OSIs) of vRealize Log Insight. On the downside, those licences will only let you monitor vCenter Server, vSphere and VMware vRealize Log Insight content packs.

VMware's characterising the change as a simplification, but isn't otherwise saying why it's needed. At a guess the change reflects VMware's recent recognition that vSphere is no longer a growth engine, an admission made during the same annual earnings all that saw the company announce job cuts.

With vSphere no longer seen as a future star and shorn of staff, running fewer versions sounds sensible. ®

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