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Hazy outlook for Verizon cloud storage after compute gets axed

Change of direction in Verizon's data centre jet stream

Comment The Grand Old Duke of Verizon has marched his troops up the public cloud storage hill; is it time to march them down again?

In January 2014 Verizon was going to use Amplidata’s object storage known as Himalaya in a public cloud storage offering. Amplidata was subsequently bought by HGST in March 2014.

At the time Verizon Terremark CTO John Considine said; “We are building a dynamic ecosystem of enterprise-class networking, storage, and software-based capabilities that will run on top of our new Verizon Cloud infrastructure and Hitachi Data Systems is an important part of this plan.”

High up in the sky, changes in the direction of high-altitude winds can be seen with mares' tails, cirrus cloud streams that change direction. This typically signals a change in the weather. It could be that Verizon's data centre cirrus clouds are changing direction.

Verizon’s public cloud had been announced in October 2013. This used data centres from its Terremark acquisition.

Fast forward two years and Verizon is abandoning its public cloud server ambitions with the VM server instance facility shut down on April 12.

Verizon says its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Cloud Storage services will remain in operation. You may ask yourselves, for how long? If Verizon can cut cloud compute services in the face of competition from the Amazon meat-grinder then you might think it could cut cloud storage as well.

John Considine is no longer Terremark CTO. He’s a VP in IBM’s Cloud Innovation Lab, having joined Big Blue in September last year. Kevin Clark, the CTO for Cloud Platform Engineering in Verizon Enterprise Solutions, has just left that post. Bloomberg and Reuters gave reported Verizon is in talks to sell its Terremark data centre business.

It could be a sensible precaution to start thinking about creating a Plan B if you are a Verizon cloud storage customer. ®

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