Toshiba denies it will exit the PC market

Fujitsu, VAIO ops merger rumours grow more insistent

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Toshiba is denying Japanese reports that it will exit the PC business.

The company is restructuring in the wake of an accounting scandal in which it overstated profit by $2bn over seven years. To any outsider, the cutthroat PC market would seem a good place to start,

The company is the world’s seventh biggest PC maker, according to IDC, which predicts that two of the top 10 PC players will shutter operations within the next two years.

Earlier this month, Digitimes reported that Toshiba, VAIO and Fujitsu (No.10 in the global rankings) were seriously considering merging operations to create a Japanese PC powerhouse more capable of taking on the Big Four – HP, Lenovo, Dell and Apple. VAIO publicly mooted the merger idea in late 2015. VAIO was offloaded by Sony in 2014 to a Japanese private equity firm. It was loss-making at the time. Since then the company has withdrawn from many overseas markets, including all of Europe.

Today, The Sankei, a Japanese newspaper, flushed out some details of the possible deal (in Japanese). It says Toshiba would continue R&D but outsource production to Fujitsu and VAIO. ®


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