Speaking in Tech: 'You think that's nuts? We actually have an array in the trunk'

What's it like to be a startup in 2016? There's roadtripping involved

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Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, it's just Greg and Ed to dish about iPhone bricks, Deadpool and ransomware. Our special guests this week are Fred Next and Wade O'Harrow from storage startup Reduxio.

  • (1:00) Brick your iPhone
  • (2:25) Kids in Deadpool
  • (5:30) “State of The Cloud” report
  • (9:12) India rejects Internet.org
  • (11:44) Hospital held hostage by ransomware
  • (13:56) Flashback: IBM and the internet (1997)
  • (14:22) Special guests Fred Nix and Wade O’Harrow from Reduxio
  • (16:10) Goodbye to Chad
  • (19:03) Digging into Reduxio
  • (28:00) Being a storage startup in 2016
  • (34:35) Time Bandits
  • (36:38) Jaegers and a Springsteen concert

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