Your anger is our energy, says Microsoft as it fixes Surface

Updates land for borked Surface Book and Pro 4

Microsoft has delivered an update to fix annoying problems with Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 and Surface 4 typoslabs.

Problems with Redmond's flagships emerged in October 2015, when users reported flickering screens, poor battery life and continued somnolence when being aroused from sleep mode.

Microsoft acknowledged some issues and promised to do better.

As of today, that better should be possible as Microsoft delivers an update to the devices.

The blog announcing the updates is a wonderful piece of glass-half-full writing that manages to put a happy face on a messy situation.

Of the user outrage we reported in the stories above, author Panos Panay says “feedback from our customers is really important to the team and to me personally. I read the blogs, I read the comments, I read social media, I read the forums…and so does the team. We love the energy.”

“Anger”, as John Lydon sang in Public Image Limited's Rise, “is an energy.” So perhaps that's what Panay is alluding to.

“We love our Surface customers. You are our early adopters and our fans and you keep inspiring us with what you are able to do with Surface.,” Panday continues. “You keep pushing us to make Surface even better.” Which is just as well because the bugs in this round of Surfaces means they weren't really very good to start with.

If you own the afflicted machines, they'll sort themselves out if you allow Windows updates. And who wouldn't, now that Microsoft offers cursory explanations of their contents? ®

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