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Can DevOps be applied to the whole company?

You have 11 8 days left to save money on finding out...early bird expires soon

Reg Events We’re crossing off the days until the early bird ticket offer for Continuous Lifecycle London closes, so if you want to hear from the likes of Etsy’s Katherine Daniels, and save hundreds into the bargain, you should really click now.

Katherine will be discussing how much of DevOps to date has been about how to bring operational thinking to developers, and whether it’s time to start bringing dev principles and benefits to ops, and indeed the rest of the organisation.

As senior operations engineer with Etsy, overseeing systems that support 54 million members, 1.4 million active sellers, and 19.8 million active buyers, and with a background in traditional ops, Katherine is well positioned to make this call.

Our keynote line-up also includes continuous delivery guru Jez Humble, while the conference lineup includes CD guru Dave Farley, and other real world practitioners from organisations like Scania, ING, Pearson and the UK’s own Government Digital Service.

Our early bird ticket offer expires on February 29, meaning you have just 8 days to save yourself hundreds of pounds on entry to our ample spread of conference sessions and workshops between May 3 and 5.

In return, you’ll get to hear from the finest industry speakers, users, thought leaders and consultants, all operating at the cutting edge of Agile, DevOps and CD, all within the extremely comfortable surroundings of 30 Euston Square.

You can check out the full list of sessions and workshops, and buy tickets at that early bird price right here. ®

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