Even Google is abandoning Google+

Android gaming service moves to its own ID scheme, but privacy policy looks the same

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Google's failed social network Google+ has received another vote of no-confidence, this time from Google.

As detailed on the Official Android Blog, gamers who want an account to record their feats will soon be offered “Gamer IDs”.

As is usual, you can give yourself an avatar or upload a photo, see yourself scale leaderboards and all the social stuff that gamers like to do in these lamentably-post-Atari-2600 days.

All of which it is today possible to do with a Google+ account.

Why's Google walking away from its own creation? The post doesn't say, but perhaps Google's just decided not to flog a dead horse.

And so far The Reg can discern, the new IDs come under the same privacy policy legalese about data capture and mining regardless of the change. Indeed, that policy's dated August 19th, 2015. So even though Google loses, Google wins. ®


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