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X-IO lights a fresh blaze in its iglu, puts it on ISE

Fifty per cent speed booster adds IOPS

X-IO has upgraded its iglu blaze products from the 700 to the 800 series and introduced a 50 per cent faster iglu blaze fx controller.

The iglu controller provides data management services - synchronous mirroring, snapshots, replication, data-at-rest encryption and virtualisation - to the underlying ISE (Integrated Storage Elements) media shelves which can be all-flash, all disk or hybrid flash/disk enclosures

The blaze fx controller provides up to 600,000 IOPS compared to the 400,000 IOPS maximum of the original blaze controller. Maximum capacity has increased from the blaze 740's 231TB of disk and 17.6TB of flash, to 315TB HDD and 96TB flash with a blaze fx controller running the 780 hybrid shelves. It's 366TB flash with the blaze fx controller running 11 x 860 ISE units.

Here is a table showing the top line differences between the 800 and 700 series with the blaze and blaze fx controllers:


X-IO has given its iglu controllers a bright green bezel so they stand out in your data centre;


Bright green bezelled iglus

These turnkey systems are meant for enterprise storage use and have a five-year warranty with a guaranteed 100 per cent performance at 100 per cent storage capacity over the warranty period. They have a stretched cluster capability providing disaster recovery, business continuity and failover for data centres up to 100 km apart with 5ms network latency tolerance.

Storage review found a ScaleIO VxRack went faster than an iglu 780. It will be interesting to see how the faster iglu blaze fx 860 performs compared to ScaleIO VxRack system, and then a price/performance comparison would be interesting too. ®

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